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How to Find the Best Holiday Gifts with a Purpose

November 06, 2020

Even more than usual this holiday season we are reminded of the ways our spending reflects our values. Let yours shine through with gifts that do good for artisans, workers, and communities at every step. We created this simple guide to help make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, and to help amplify your positive impact in the world. 
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Fair Trade Gifts & Candles: Partner Spotlight with Tara Projects

Partner Spotlight: Meet Tara Projects

February 20, 2020

We are excited to collaborate with Tara Projects of India for our new Serenity Candle! Tara Projects helps alleviate poverty and empower women through fair trade, dignified work and community programs. Every Serenity Candle supports women artisans escape poverty across Delhi. Here is an interview with Tara Projects!
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Ethical Shopping Guide: Ways to Shop Ethically This Holiday Season

Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide: How to Shop Consciously This Holiday Season

November 16, 2019

Gifts that are ethically made give back in incredible ways and tell meaningful stories. You can positively impact so many lives simply by how you shop. This simple guide makes it easy to find ethically made gifts that support your values.
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10 Fair Trade Gifts & Ethical Brands Empowering Artisans Around the World

10 Fair Trade & Ethical Gifts that Empower Artisans Around the World

May 10, 2019

Saturday, May 11th is World Fair Trade Day - a day to celebrate artisans around the world who make our favorite home decor and tasty treats. Every ethical gift is an opportunity to make a positive difference and share values with loved ones. Here are 10 of our favorite fair trade and ethical gifts that empower artisans and give back.
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5 Simple Ways to Become a More Conscious Gift-Giver this Holiday

5 Simple Ways to Find Gifts that Give Back this Holiday Season

November 16, 2018

Holiday gifts are a wonderful opportunity to share values with loved ones, and this ethical gift guide shares our tips for finding beautiful products that give back. It only takes one small action to become a more conscious gift-giver and make a positive impact in the world!
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10 Incredible Refugee-Made Products that Give Back to Artisans and the Community

10 Incredible Refugee-Made Products that Give Back to Artisans and the Community

June 16, 2018

One way to help support resettled refugees is by purchasing refugee-made products that give back. Here is a list of wonderful handmade goods, each a great way to use your purchasing power for good and help refugees build a brighter future.
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