Tips to Clean & Reuse Your Candle

How to Clean Out a Candle Jar for Reuse | Prosperity Candle

    Nearing the end of your candle? Once only about 1/4" of wax remains at the bottom of your candle, it's time to clean out the leftover wax and give your container a new purpose. The good news is you can easily do so right from your own kitchen and you'll be able to continue enjoying your decorative container for years to come.

    Cleaning your glass or ceramic candle

    1. Pre-heat your oven to the lowest setting (150F to 170F).

    2. Line a pie pan or baking sheet with tinfoil or parchment paper - be sure to make it "water-tight" to contain melted wax.

    3. Place your candle upside down on the pan or sheet, and place it in the oven. 

    4. After about 5-10 mins, carefully remove it from oven using oven mitts (the wax will have melted out onto the sheet).

    5. Wipe the vessel clean of any remaining wax with a towel, and remove the wick with the help of a spoon.

    6. Once all the wax is gone, wash with mild dish soap and voila! Enjoy your candle's new life.

    Reusing your candle

    Our candles are designed to have a purposeful life for years to come, even after the wax inside is gone. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few creative ideas on how you can repurpose your candle once the wax is finished.

    • Add a tealight to let the glow live on
    • Collect rings, earrings, and other precious jewelry
    • Display pretty guest soaps in your bathroom
    • Organize makeup brushes, qtips, or other beauty supplies
    • Freshen up your home office look with a stylish pencil cup
    • Turn it into a mini planter (don't forget to add rocks to the bottom)
    • Show off special treasures, like your collection of beach glass
    • Make snacking more fun with beautiful bowls
    • Treat your dog to an extra special food scooper!

    How to Clean Out a Candle Jar & Ideas for Reuse | Prosperity Candle

    Have you tried any creative repurposing ideas? We'd love to see how you're using your candle containers in your home! Post a photo and tag us on Instagram to show us your sustainable ideas and upcycled Prosperity Candle. We are happy to share it with our community!

    Tips to clean & repurpose your candle | Prosperity Candle She Inspires Candle reused as a qtips container

    Thinking of recycling your candle? While the candle wax itself is not recyclable, most of Prosperity Candle’s glass or ceramic candle holders are. Simply follow the steps above to remove the wax before recycling the container.