World Fair Trade Day: Celebrating The Little Market | Prosperity Candle

World Fair Trade Day: Celebrating The Little Market | Prosperity Candle

An Inspiring Fair Trade Organization

If World Fair Trade Day is about honoring the movement for all workers and artisans to be paid more fairly for the products they create, this year we choose to celebrate The Little Market.

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, The Little Market has dedicated itself to empowering artisans around the world and bringing attention to social justice and human rights. It was after a trip to Tanzania and Uganda in 2012 that co-founders Hannah Skvarla and Lauren Conrad were inspired to launch a Fair Trade company focused on supporting women artisans. And it’s had a big impact.

Their mission is anchored in the belief that every person has the right to dignified, safe jobs and a fair, living wage. The Little Market ethically sources from underserved artisan communities including refugees and resettled individuals, people with disabilities, young mothers, survivors of sex trafficking, and individuals living in extreme poverty.

Prosperity Candle is proud to be a partner of The Little Market from the beginning, making all of their candles here in our studio in Western Massachusetts. From the early days of Mojito and Churro scents to today’s Palo Santo and Pacific Palisades, we have hand-poured uniquely scented coconut-soy wax candles beautifully packaged in The Little Market cotton bags handmade by women artisans in Cambodia.

Together, The Little Market and Prosperity Candle have provided living wage employment for women artisans resettled in the U.S. after living for years as refugees who fled conflict and persecution. It is a partnership born of aligned missions and matching values.

Some Exciting News

Now for the first time, The Little Market candles are available for purchase at Prosperity Candle! All your favorite scents handpoured by the same women artisans in the same glass and packaging, and with the same positive impact as always.

If you're looking for a special The Little Market scent, or one you loved in the past but haven’t been able to find lately, let us know... simply comment below and we’ll see if we can make it for you. Over the years we’ve poured over a hundred different candles for The Little Market, many of which we can bring back.

Plus soon the artisans at Prosperity Candle will begin making The Little Market’s recipes for sugar scrubs and soaking salts, and adding their popular totes to the collection.

A New Model

A few weeks ago The Little Market announced that is embarking in a new direction focused on connecting artisan groups directly with the marketplace. After a decade of generating over 1.6 million hours of dignified work for producers in underserved communities across the globe, their strategy will now focus on large retailers and hospitality groups. Same mission and commitment to Fair Trade, but with a broader market strategy.

With this new model in mind, The Little Market team was thrilled to hear the artisans at Prosperity Candle would like to continue pouring their candles and offering the collection to customers, as well as learn to make their sugar scrubs and soaking salts. By June we plan to be adding a wonderful selection of The Little Market spa products.

What is World Fair Trade Day?

World Fair Trade Day is a annual celebration on the second Saturday of May when we focus on creating a global economy where trade helps support small-scale farmers, producers and their families to cultivate healthy and sustainable communities.

The positive impact The Little Market has had on artisans from underserved communities around the world offers an inspiring example of this vision, built upon the values and the deep dedication of the entire Little Market team. Their commitment to the principles of Fair Trade and supporting human rights extends to working with many incredible organizations including Landmine Survivors Network, Human Rights Watch, CARE and the Fair Trade Federation.

On this World Fair Trade Day, we celebrate all that The Little Market has accomplished and are looking forward to all that comes next.

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