Heartfelt & Inspiring Quotes from Mothers on Mother's Day

Motherhood Quotes - Mother's Day Inspirational Quotes | Prosperity Candle

Mother's Day is a wonderful time to reflect on the women who have inspired us over the years and celebrate their presence in our lives. We've been especially moved this year by the mothers in our candle studio who are strengthening their artisan skills and building brighter futures for their families in Massachusetts with meaningful handmade gifts. To celebrate our artisans this Mother's Day, we asked several to share what being a mom means to them, and the parts of motherhood that bring them joy.

Their motherhood quotes are full of pride, happiness... and wonderful food. Read on to hear uplifting quotes about mothers and motherhood from the artisans in our studio.... we just couldn't keep these inspirational quotes about mothers to ourselves!

What does being a mother mean to you? 

"I’m really proud to be a mother. For me, I’m proud to have kids with me and to be a mother and make food for my kids that they like. I like to take my kids to the park and they always join me to cook. I do my country’s food and they do American food." - Shah, artisan

"I have four kids. The youngest is 12 and the oldest is 21. All of my kids have good grades and they are good at math. I like watching my kids grow up and watching them to safety." - Tha Thay, artisan

"I enjoy seeing my children happy and satisfied. It is important to me raising my kids to love and respect everyone, making them joyful." - Moo Kho, Production Manager

What do your children do that makes you happy? 

Moo Kho and her family | Motherhood Quotes - Mother's Day Inspirational Quotes

Moo Kho and her family.

"I have 2 daughters and one son, 12 years old, 9 years old and 9 months old. My second daughter is funny. The school calls me and in her class she is a funny person. They always make me happy." - Shah, artisan

"They surprise me with a cake for my birthday. I forgot my birthday and they surprised me!" - Tha Thay, artisan

"They all have different personalities! The twins, one is so quiet and one is talking too much. The little one is smarter than her sister. It makes me happy when they spend time together or spend time with me." - Moo Kho, Production Manager

What would be the best Mother’s Day for you?

Shah and her family | Inspiring Quotes from Mothers, Motherhood Quotes - Prosperity Candle

Shah with her two daughters and son.

"We always cook and eat with my mom on Mother’s Day." - Shah, artisan 

"The best Mother’s Day is to take my kids to the buffet." - Tha Thay, artisan

"The best Mother’s Day for me is to spend time together as a family." - Moo Kho, Production Manager

How are you like your mom?

Tha Thay and her family | Inspiring Quotes from Mothers, Motherhood Quotes - Prosperity Candle

Tha Thay and her family.

"My mom is the kind of person, she is very nice. She likes to cook. Girls in my country by 9 to 11 years old learn to cook, but I learned to cook when I came to the U.S. I am learning from my mom Karen food. She teaches me. It stayed in my mind. I will never forget." - Shah, artisan

"My mom makes our culture’s food good. I make it like her, soup and she cuts the bamboo and mix the rice powder and boil the water in the pot. She puts the rice and stirs and puts salt and fish paste and yellow powder and bamboo shoots." - Tha Thay, artisan

"I remember my mother visiting me in 2018 and it was nice seeing her in real life after 13 years. I am like my mother in that I love and worship God." - Moo Kho, Production Manager

We hope you enjoyed reading these motherhood quotes from our artisans. We're proud that our mission supports women who are creating brighter futures for their families in the U.S. and are so grateful to each of you for helping our candle studio thrive.

What does motherhood mean to you? Share your answers to any of these questions in the comments below.

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