Tha Thay

Tha Thay a Burmese woman makes handcrafted soy blend fair trade candles at Prosperity Candle
"I would like to become a U.S. citizen and gain the freedoms I’ve sought my entire life."

Tha grew up in Burma (Myanmar) until age 7 when the growing violence reached her small village. Forced to flee, her family found safety in a refugee camp in Thailand until soldiers set fire to the buildings, obliging them to once again flee and seek refuge. Year after year they moved in search of security.

In 2010, after more than 25 years displaced from a home they were not allowed to return to, Tha and her family were offered the opportunity to relocate to the United. Relieved, they soon found themselves on a plane to Massachusetts.

Since arriving, Tha has had four children with her husband who she met in one of the refugee camps, and found peace and security.


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