Moo Kho

Moo Kho a Burmese refugee makes handcrafted fair trade soy blend artisan candles at Propserity Candle
"Everything here has meaning to me, and I love that.  The wax, the light and the people."

Born in Thailand, Moo Kho was taken to Burma (Myanmar) when she was barely four years old by her grandmother, leaving behind her mother and father.  She was not to be reunited with her mother for another 15 years, by which time her father had tragically died. It was while in Burma that she experienced the chilling horror of seeing her adopted village burn down, and people brutally murdered in front of her young eyes.

So began a long journey to escape the same fate. It was very difficult, but by 2008 Moo Kho had reached a refugee camp in Thailand. She was now married and had a daughter. They had left behind everything they owned and loved. She could not advance her education, was not allowed to seek a job, and lived in poor conditions. But at least they were safe.

A year later, Moo Kho and her husband were offered the rare opportunity to relocate to the U.S. In 2010, she joined Prosperity Candle as an apprentice candle-maker and loved everything about making candles. In 2012 she was promoted to Production Manager, overseeing quality control and training other women refugees in the art of candle-making.

Moo Kho proudly shares her accomplishments here in the U.S., including her journey to become a minister at her Burmese church in Springfield. In 2016 she passed the citizenship exam, became an American citizen, and at age 39 voted for the first time in her life.

When asked about her dreams, she replies quietly but with earnestness, “I am a servant of God. Whatever God asks of me, that is what I will do”.

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