Women’s Voices Series: Meet Moo Koh (3 of 5)

The 3rd story in our series profiling 5 resilient women rebuilding their lives by creating beautiful candles. Their lives are changing one candle at a time.

Meet Moo Koh

Moo Koh, a refugee from Burma, who is making Prosperity Candles to rebuild her life - every gift is a meaningful, charitable gift that gives back to women

Moo Koh selling candles at an event in Amherst, MA

Moo Koh, a mother of 3 young children, is a refugee from Burma who is now living in Springfield, Massachusetts with her husband. She is now working with Prosperity Candle to hand-pour beautiful glass and tin candles. Last fall she received the first paycheck of her life from Prosperity Candle.

Born in Thailand, Moo Koh was taken back to Burma when she was barely four years old by her grandmother, leaving behind her mother and father. She was not to be reunited with her mother for another 15 years, at which time her father had tragically died. It was whilst in Burma that she experienced the chilling horror of seeing her adopted village burn down, people brutally killed in front of her young eyes. She fled the country and settled in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border.

In 2008, Moo Koh and her husband and young daughter arrived in the United States – part of a resettlement program in Springfield, Massachusetts coordinated by the Lutheran Family Services. She bore her twin daughters soon after. Today, Moo Koh proudly shares her accomplishments including having just been ordained as a minister in her Burmese church in Springfield.

When asked about her dreams, she replies quietly but with earnestness, “I am a servant of God. Whatever God asks of me, that is what I will do”.

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