“The most beautiful candles I have ever used…”

Thank you to one of our first customers, Faith Ottenhoff, for sharing her impressions of our candles!

“I want to thank you personally for making the most beautiful candles I have ever used. The light burns softly and slowly. The glow is seen through the wax as it burns down. These candles are exceptional and perfectly crafted.

Prosperity pillar candles make beautiful gifts and add a special touch to your home decor.  They burn bright with the hopes and aspirations of women in Iraq. Give a gift that gives back for Mother's Day!

Faith's candles adorning her dining room table

I have told many people about the good work you are doing and will continue to suppport your enterprise.”

We hope you will consider bringing these illuminating gifts into a mother’s home this Mother’s Day. They are gifts that give back and burn for many hours – sharing the dreams of women worldwide.

Take a look at our gift collection now!

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