Peace Corps Talent Fuels Prosperity Candle’s Mission to Empower Women Worldwide

Prosperity Candle is a social venture designed to empower women entrepreneurs from areas affected by conflict and natural disaster by helping women set up independent businesses that help them not only survive, but thrive. We sustain our work through the sales of our beautiful handmade candles, soaps, baskets and candle accessories.

Prosperity Candle is lucky to have the talent of two RPCVs leading the team. Both RPCVs were inspired by their Peace Corps experiences to pursue unconventional career paths to create economic opportunity for women.

Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise that empowers women as entrepreneurs by offering meaningful gifts that give back to conscious consumers

Siiri Morley (far left) & Nichole Hardeman (2nd from right) with the Prosperity Candle team

Siiri Morley (Lesotho 2001-2004) is a Founding Partner of the venture. Nichole Christensen Hardeman (Morocco 2003-2005) is a Sourcing & Product Development consultant and is responsible for the beautiful Mother’s Day collection featuring stunning gift sets that bring together products made by women from Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, Bhutan & the United States.

These gift sets make incredibly meaningful Mother’ s Day gifts. What better way to bring home the lessons you learned in the Peace Corps than with a gift that embodies the Peace Corps values of investing in community and building cross-cultural understanding?

A Prosperity Candle gift that gives back for Mother's Day to women in Afghanistan and Burma

Our Dream Embroidered Gift Set from Afghanistan & Burma

Every candle helps rebuild a woman’s life in some of the most distressed parts of the world. Join our 4,000 Candles Campaign for Mother’s Day by purchasing one today!

Prosperity Candle Mother's Day gift for candle lovers - a gift that gives back to charity

Candle Lovers Gift Basket featuring products from Iraq, Burma, Bhutan & Haiti

We’re happy to offer the Peace Corps community 10% off of their orders with our coupon code “PeaceCorps”. Click here to buy one now.

Share the light & change a life: Give Prosperity.

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