Thank you to our amazing spring & summer team!

We have a tiny team here at Prosperity Candle – just a handful of full-time people who are chugging away and wearing many hats. To get everything we dream of getting done done, we rely on the good-hearted, ambitious and smart souls that step into to help fill the gaps. Over the past few months we have been particularly blessed with support, so we want to share our thanks.

Volunteer Consultants and Interns

Liz Mastors and Ashleigh DeSimone blew us away. Bringing spirit and talent to the team, they were both a joy to work with. Liz, an undergrad at Tufts University, helped spearhead our communications efforts (social media, newsletter and PR efforts). Ashleigh, an MBA candidate at Simmons University, helped us develop our sales strategy for business and donor gifts and was largely responsible for our amazing new gift catalog.

Prosperity Candle team selling candles for a cause at Simmons College

Siiri, Brenna and Nichole selling candles at Simmons College in April 2011

Andrea Goodman has joined our team as a PR strategy consultant and continues to lead our efforts this fall.

This spring we also had the support of Brenna Schneider, who helped us with numerous sales events and market research, Elizabeth Buckley, who brought fresh videos to our site to help us share our story, and Kalista Popp, who helped us launch our faith-based sales strategy.

Last but not least, we want to thank Nichole Hardeman. Nichole devoted several months of her time and talent to our team, developing new products, managing sales accounts and helping with our marketing strategy.

Catchafire Volunteers

Catchafire helps match Prosperity Candle with skilled volunteers

We’re lucky to have the support of an amazing organization called Catchafire to help us fill some of our team’s gaps. Catchafire helps match skilled volunteers to social enterprises and nonprofits that are looking for talent and are working on a shoestring.

Catchafire Volunteers supporting Prosperity Candle connect its gifts that give back with women consumers

Siiri Morley (on R) with Catchafire volunteers Lourdes, Allen & Min Min

Thank you to Lisa Travnik for her social media campaign, Min Min Ma for her brand identity work and Allen Jordan for his online marketing plan. Thank you also to Lourdes Moreira, Jamie Drogin and Sara Buschkamp for their video and PR work that is happening now.

You are all superstars! Thank you so much.

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