Our tin candles are taking the world by storm!

Little did we know when we introduced the tin candles in our Dream Embroidered Gift Bags last April that they would suddenly become a cornerstone of our work this fall. We’ve been working closely with Moo Kho and Mee Mee (Burmese women refugees living in West Springfield, MA) to create beautifully burning candles that help women rebuild their lives.

Moo Kho, a Burmese woman refugee in West Springfield, pours wax into our new Prosperity Candle tin candles. They make perfect donor and corporate gifts that give back!

Moo Kho hand-pouring our tin candles

These tins are incredible. They travel well (perfect to toss in your bag to relax with at the end of a long day), smell beautiful and are easily customized. And, of course, each one helps a woman rebuild her life with an employment opportunity. We’ve been creating tin candles that are customized for Amnesty International, FEED Projects, the National Peace Corps Association, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, World Pulse, law firms and events. They make great donor, event and corporate gifts. We’ve also been told that lots of people are using them while they meditate and practice yoga.

Prosperity Candles make meaningful gifts that empower women and work perfectly as a corporate, donor or conference gift

Examples of the sample candles we have created for a variety of organizations

We’re honored and are excited to continue customizing them to meet your needs. How would you like to use one of our tin candles this year?

Do you know of an organization that might like to use our candles for a gift at an event or for a donor or client? If so, please pass along our gift catalog, filled with gifts that give back!

Or buy your own now!

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