Summer solstice & the first Prosperity Candles

Last night our neighbors came over for a potluck solstice dinner, a chance to welcome the summer, share stories, and find out what’s going on in each other’s lives.  Greg and I set up the tables, Patsy started the evening with garlicky brochette, Aurora made moussaka, Rosetta and Sam contributed a spinach blue cheese salad, Tom and Wendy bought wine, and Lynn and Bob finished us off with a crazy good blueberry tart.

Prosperity Candles

Making the first Prosperity Candles in my kitchen, April 2009

As the sun went down, we lit 3 Prosperity Candles.  I had forgotten to bring home a few from the office, so instead searched through boxes in our basement.  There I found a collection of the very first ones we made in my kitchen, more than 2 years ago.  These were the prototypes – Amber and I were furiously learning the craft so we could train Ibtesam and other field staff of Women for Women Int’l.  We made candles day in and day out so that we could be sure of the business kits and the guide we had created.

These first candles burned brightly and beautifully.  It was an incredible sight – the illuminated faces of neighbors who lead different lives yet are very much connected to one another.  For a moment, I sat back in my chair to take it all in.  People sharing stories over the light of candle that would soon offer opportunity to women in Baghdad who simply want to rebuild their lives.

The moment lasted a long time, and left me ever more inspired and happy to be working to fulfill Prosperity Candle’s mission.  What a remarkable journey we have embarked on.


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