World Refugee Day: Celebrating Refugee Gifts, Talents & Contributions

Today is World Refugee Day.  A day that Angelina Jolie tells us to “do 1 thing” because one refugee without hope is too many.

“Refugees are ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations.  Peel back the label and you find people like you and me with gifts and talents, willing to work and contribute to our society – if we just give them a chance.”

Moo Kho & Mee Mee packing Amnesty Int'l candles

Since last November, Prosperity Candle been working with women refugees from Burma and Bhutan who have spent as many as 17 years in temporary camps, hoping to be able to return to the homes they fled in fear of their lives.  But they are not allowed back.  So women like Beda, Moo Kho, Mee Mee and Tila have been given the opportunity to relocate, and today they live in Western Massachusetts. Visit our artisan page to meet the women who pour your candles.

A refugee’s journey is long and filled with loss and painful choices.  But these women arrived here with strength and determination to not only create a better life for themselves and their children, but also contribute to our society.  To see how they are rebuilding their lives, working hard, and caring for others is a true inspiration.  They have touched my family’s life in ways I couldn’t have imagined when we first met.

Today we are lighting our Amnesty International candle in recognition of the millions of refugees around the world seeking a better future, and searching for light out of darkness.

Visit this powerful storytelling website by UNHCR to learn more about refugees and their experiences.          


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