Just arrived: our new line of Moroccan tea glass candles!

Did you know tea is second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world?

Many countries have rituals around drinking tea; it’s commonly used to show hospitality and brings people together. Consumed throughout the day, tea is a staple in Moroccan culture — in fact, mint tea is the official beverage of Morocco!

Moroccan tea preparation is a very involved process, often considered to be an art form. The tea houses in Morocco are known for having a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit quietly and be alone with your thoughts . . . something we could all use more of in our busy lives!

The significance of teatime rituals is celebrated through our new collection of Moroccan tea glass candles. Perfect to light up your home when entertaining, our tea glasses feature vibrant splashes of color and delicate gold detail. Our fair trade glasses, which are all handpainted in Morocco, become beautiful candles made by Burmese women refugees rebuilding their lives in the United States.

Distinctive designs and scents results in a glass for every taste. The only questions is . . . what beverage will you pair with yours?

Marrakech Gold Tea Glass Candles

Smara Sunset Tea Glass Candle

Menara Gardens Tea Glass Candles

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