Gift guide: Need some inspired holiday ideas? Check out these gifts that give back!

There are a million options out there for holiday gifts, from gadgets to gag gifts to gaudy trinkets. But isn’t it better to give a gift that does good for the world? Below are some of our favorite meaningful gifts for the women in your life — from jewelry to handbags to home decor. For more gifts that give back and light up your home (quite literally), check out our holiday collection!

Acai seed studs by Equita, $12
A classic style and shape in an unexpected material, all the way from Ecuador! These simple stud earrings are available in three different colors and are made from hand-dyed acai seeds. Equita aims to providing a path out of poverty for artisans by employing fair trade principles.


Flat banana bangle set by IndegoAfrica, $25
This set of three woven bangles is created by braiding strips of women banana leaf fiber over thin plastic bands. Your bracelet set will come with the signature of the woman who created it, a member of the Twiyubake cooperative in Kayonza.





Guancasco Leaf & Vine Candle Set by Prosperity Candle, $28
A perfect pairing for your desk, the patterns on the candle and accessory cup are created by Honduran women using a technique passed down from previous generations of women. The Cialmagul cooperative is composed of skilled artisans who first sculpt the clay pieces, then decorate them. The finished product is unique and fun, especially once our talented team turns them into lovely verbena-scented candles!

Greenleaf Soapstone Centerpiece by Prosperity Candle, $40
Our Greenleaf centerpiece is handcarved from soapstone and designed by artisans in Nairobi. Once the vessel is finished, the three-wick candle inside is carefully handpoured by Burmese refugee women rebuilding their lives here in the United States. We love it when our products support women both here in the U.S. and women around the world, so it’s no surprise that the Greenleaf candle is close to our hearts!

Bolgatanga market basket by Trade Aid Integrated, $42
These gorgeous market baskets are woven from glass and have a sturdy, leather-wrapped handle. They’re made by the women of Trade Aid Integrated, a nonprofit dedicated to creating employment opportunities for the rural poor of Northern Uganda.



Yuba River Centerpiece by Prosperity Candle, $48
The Yuba River bowl is inspired by northern California, and features flecks of gold along with streaks of flowing blues, greens, and even hints of pinks and purples. After these bowls leave Kathie Kline’s talented hands, our own team of Burmese refugee women turn them into handpoured three-wick candles perfect for dining room tables.

Persimmon glass bead bracelet by Same Sky, $160
Same Sky bracelets are handmade by women artisans in Kigali, Rwanda. Each glass bead is handblown and then crocheted into stunning jewelry. Same Sky’s mission is as beautiful as its wares: they provide employment to HIV-positive women in Africa struggling to lift themselves out of poverty.

Leather handbag by MYPAPERBAG, $210
This luxe leather tote is handmade from ecologically tanned leather in a fair trade factory in India. The men and women who made these bags are from India’s lowest caste; through their employment with MYPAPERBAG, they are able to make a fair wage and build a reasonable life. MYPAPERBAG is an environmentally conscious manufacturer — these bags were made without any heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

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