joinFITE’s Meaningful Gifts that Change Lives Gift Guide

Prosperity Candle is featured by joinFITE in its gift guide for meaningful gifts

Thank you to our friends at joinFITE for their Meaningful Gifts that Change Lives gift guide. They’ve compiled a thoughtful collection of organizations with meaningful gifts that give back in many ways this holiday. Each one of the gifts they feature support charitable causes or empower people through their creation. We’re proud to stand next to products from Global Goods Partners, Arzu’s Peace Cord and Dermalogica.

Prosperity Candle tops the list of gifts that give back in joinFITE's gift guide

Thank you to joinFITE (a sister organization to Kiva that is supported by celebrities like Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Diane Keaton, Maria Bello and Geena Davis) for your amazing work to empower women entrepreneurs through microfinance – and, of course, for creating this gift guide!

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