Gratitude for each of you from the far reaches of the globe

Prosperity Candle gifts create global connection and social change

Our team was just marveling at the map overlay of our website visitors and thought it would be interesting to share it with you. As you know, our work is all about creating global connections and providing artisans and entrepreneurs in Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, rural China, and the U.S. and Canada unique opportunities to prosper through trade that is respectful, empowering and inspiring. Mostly we’ve thought about that in terms of the gifts we put together and sell.

But we didn’t realize just how global our support base was until recently. Check it out:

Prosperity Candle creates global connections and changes women's lives through its gifts that change lives. See just how global it is here!

Since April we’ve had visitors from 128 countries around the world. Visitors from India & Iraq have spent time reviewing the site. Shoppers from Australia, Germany & Japan have ordered gifts for U.S. friends. And scores of other people from places as diverse as Nepal, Mauritania, Lesotho, Finland and Nicaragua have spent time learning about Prosperity Candle.

Sit back and imagine that. Really try.

Thousands of individuals around the world have spent time learning about how to connect with women from around the world, reading their stories, looking at their handmade gifts, and thinking about how to change their lives through the simple act of purchasing a candle. Perhaps we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of the world being lit up by one million points of light?

Tell us your story! Where are you based and how did you discover Prosperity Candle? What type of impact did it have on you?

(We are missing many countries still… and as a globe trotting team, that kind of irks us. If you know of anyone in Mali, Bolivia, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Oman, Burma or Papua New Guinea, ask them to visit the site!)

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