Aromatherapy for you, from us

Our team has been rejoicing the arrival of new fragrances over the last few weeks. As we develop a more robust fall/winter collection of products, we’re expanding our range of scents. With inspiration from a few spas and yoga studios, we’ve introduced lemongrass sage, amber, rosemary and lavender into our fragrance collection, to complement our ever-popular tea infusion, green tea, desert rose and arabian sandalwood. We also have essential oils evoking “vitality”, “calm” and “refresh.”

Imagine a Prosperity Candle aromatherapy bath as the weather gets cool

The office smells amazing and our test candles do too. We’re finding our minds are alert and energized, yet calm. Perhaps that’s the aromatherapy effect of these beautiful scents?

We’ll keep you posted on when you can find these new scents in our online store. Soon you’ll be able to give a gift that gives back in so many ways – to the woman who made it and the well-being of the woman who receives it. (And don’t worry, we’ll always keep our unscented candles in stock!)

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