A Peace Corps Experience Coming Full-Circle to Create a Peace Corps 50th Candle

National Peace Corps Association 50th anniversary logo to be used on Prosperity Candles

One of Prosperity Candle’s Founding Partners, Siiri Morley, started her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho (a tiny mountainous country surrounded by South Africa). While there for three years she worked with women’s weaving businesses to help them with product development, marketing and computer/email training.
Prosperity Candle Founding Partner Siiri Morley as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho - in honor of the 50th anniversary

Siiri with a group of women weavers

As with the experience of most Peace Corps Volunteers around the world, the experience shaped her life in significant ways. While working with these women, she began to understand the importance of investing in women as changemakers in their communities. She saw that when women earned money they invested in health care, education and nutrition. She also saw that the products that people purchase can change the world. As a volunteer she first began exploring the concept of “gifts that give back” and how these products could be used to empower women as entrepreneurs.

One of the weavers in Lesotho who Siiri Morley worked with as a peace Corps volunteer - who has now inspired Siiri to found Prosperity Candle

A weaver hard at a work in Lesotho

Now her Peace Corps experience, which led her to Prosperity Candle, has come full circle as the National Peace Corps Association has decided to create a candle to commemorate the 50th anniversary this month. Each candle is made by a Burmese refugee who is rebuilding her life in Western Massachusetts. What a fantastic example of Peace Corps’ third goal of bringing the world home!

We’re very thankful to have the Peace Corps’ support! To purchase this candle that supports a Burmese woman refugee and the National Peace Corps Association, click here.

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