A Gift that Brings Women a Global Voice – World Pulse travel tin candle set!

We are beyond excited to be collaborating with World Pulse. There is so much alignment in our missions, approaches to creating change, and dreams of bringing women together around the world – through stories and gifts.

World Pulse and Prosperity Candle team up to empower women

As part of our partnership, we have created the World Pulse travel tin candle set. It’s a sweet gift that sings out the mantra of “Courage, Beauty & Possibility.” Each candle in the set embodies these values and has a scent to match (tea infusion, lemongrass sage, arabian sandalwood)! It’s the perfect gift for a woman’s advocate in your life. Uplifting, yet centering. And, as always, the candles create a global connection between women as each candle comes with the name of the woman who made it.

A Prosperity Candle gift to donate to World Pulse and bring women's voices into the world, globally

We’re also donating 10% of every one of these sets to support World Pulse.

World Pulse and Prosperity Candle team up to empower women

Want to learn more about them? In their words…

“World Pulse is a global media and communication network devoted to bringing women a global voice. We broadcast and unite women’s voices from around the world into a powerful force for change.

We produce a print and web magazine as well as host an interactive community newswire,PulseWire, where women can speak for themselves to the world and connect to solve global problems.

It’s a revolution that has already begun.

Become a part of the Pulse. Join Us.

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