4 of 5 Stories: Meet Nazahat

The fourth story profiling five resilient women rebuilding their lives by creating beautiful candles. Their lives are changing one candle at a time.

Meet Nazahat:

Nazahat was one of the first to be trained in candle-making for Prosperity Candle, and she was key to getting the program off the ground by training other women. She is the mother of five children, and works tirelessly to create candles for sale in local markets and through Prosperity Candle.

Why are we so inspired by Nazahat? During our pilot project is Baghdad, Nazahat earned the equivalent of 3.5 times the minimum wage in Iraq by producing over 250 candles in just a few weeks.  She says that it’s the love of her family that drives her, and dreams of one day showing an exhibition of a wide variety of candles and to sell self-branded candles globally. We think she’s well on her way.

We feel immensely grateful to Nazahat for her commitment to the project, and are blown away by her incredible work ethic. Her drive and spirit encapsulate the very core of our vision: to provide women the opportunity to truly thrive. It’s not just her impressive candle output that stirs us, but also her commitment to train others in candle making so that they too can earn above a living wage.

In many ways, Nazahat has taught us what it means to share and live the light–to work for personal prosperity and to share with others the means to do the same. Thank you, Nazahat!

“I want to show the world what an Iraqi woman can do. I trust that I will change my life to be better than before.” -Nazahat

Watch Nazahat talk about training other women: Candle Making in Baghdad

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