A beautiful customer testimonial from a Women for Women International supporter

We love this message from Women For Women International supporter Linda Strohmeyer, who rekindles her connection to Women for Women International graduates every time she lights a Prosperity Candle. Linda sponsored a Women for Women graduate throughout her year-long training, and sought a way to stay connected to her “sister” at the year’s end. We are honored that her Prosperity Candle purchases could foster this connection. The pillar candles are made by women in Iraq, all of whom are graduates of the Women for Women training program.

Abeer, one of the women trained to make candles by WFWI

“I am grateful to be a Women For Women International supporter because it has provided me an opportunity to support my global sisters in many ways I never dreamed possible.  I have sponsored several sisters …being able to support their efforts to move from victims to survivors has inspired me to become more informed and more involved.  I have realized I can make a difference and in the same time receive many gifts in return.

While planning an event for WFWI, I learned about Prosperity Candle and their mission to help WFWI graduates not only survive but thrive with opportunities to become entrepreneurs. I felt saddened and disconnected from my WFWI sister once our communication ended after graduation– I was excited that Prosperity Candle gave me another opportunity to continue my support of my global sisters at such a critical time and in turn give them a platform to become successful business women.  Having purchased many Prosperity Candles as gifts for myself and others,  I love to light these beautiful handmade candles each day as a way to keep me connected with my WFWI sisters and the efforts being done on their behalf.” — WFWI supporter

If you would like to sponsor a woman’s training through Women for Women International, click here. Your support can provide education for her children, regular access to food and water, and start-up funds for her to start her own business.

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