Forever Candle Refill

Thank you for being part of the journey thus far. It’s now time to look ahead to what’s next. Part of that is thinking about the future of your Forever Candle. 

When we launched it, we recognized that the Forever Candle would need a lot of people participating in order to succeed. But we thought it was such a novel idea that our challenge would be keeping up with demand. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Relatively few people purchased a Forever Candle, and we don’t really know why it didn’t catch on.

The result is that we’re finding it financially difficult to support the refills. The labor involved far exceeds the original price. This makes us sad because we’ve worked hard to sustain the Forever Candle for as long as possible, and still love the idea. But we are now facing the reality of having created a product that undermines Prosperity Candle’s sustainability.

Same Design You Love

If you purchased a Forever Candle, we'll happily send you two Brilliance Candles in the same design as part of the conclusion of this program. You would then have three Forever Candles in all that can be refilled with any votive candle purchased locally. Simply send us an email at with the two fragrances you'd like your candles poured in. 

Your Impact

We have wonderful individuals and businesses that embrace our mission and appreciate handmade candles and gifts. Without you, none of the following would have been possible:

  • 235 Iraqi, Haitian, Burmese and Bhutanese women trained in candle-making and entrepreneurship skills – plus hundreds more using our model and materials
  • $282,000 in living wages paid to women refugees relocated to western Massachusetts through UN, federal and state programs after escaping persecution and living 5 to 17 years in refugee camps
  • $88,000 in purchases of fair trade, artisan-made accessories from over a dozen developing countries around the world
  • $58,000 of handcrafted candles purchased from women artisans in Iraq and Haiti
  • $57,000 in donations to nonprofits supporting equal opportunity, social justice, poverty alleviation, and girls’ education
  • $18,632 in small loans given to women entrepreneurs in equipment and supplies
  • Over 3,000 hours volunteered to support overseas and domestic programs

Thank you for your understanding and continued support over the years. We love what we do, the positive impact we’re having, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.