Donor Gifts

Share your values

Your donors and board members believe in your mission and all the efforts you make to give back. Thank them with unique donor gifts that share those values.

Each of these custom donor thank you gifts is handcrafted in the U.S. and wrapped in distinctive packaging by a resettled women refugee for a positive impact. We make it easy to thank your supporters in a meaningful way with low minimums and quick delivery.

Donor appreciation gifts that give back - soy candles handpoured by women artisans at Prosperity Candle in the U.S.

The Basics

Choose from our existing candle designs and gift sets, or select each item yourself. From handpoured candles to wonderful chocolates, coffee, spa products and more, every item is premium quality with a positive impact in the world. We'll help create the perfect donor appreciation gift, wrapped in distinctive packaging. 

Any logo, color palette, call-to-action, graphic or image - we'll help create a unique gift that resonates with your organization. In a sea of other gifts, yours will stand out and leave a lasting impression. 

Quick Turnaround

We ship to your office or directly to your gift list. Our custom donor gifts are simple and efficient, and always delivered on time. Volunteers and donors work hard to help your nonprofit succeed; make sure they feel appreciated and reconnected to your mission at every step.

Are you ready? We are!