Women’s Voices Series: Meet Luma (2 of 5)

The 2nd story in our series profiling 5 resilient women rebuilding their lives by creating beautiful candles a world away. Thanks to you their lives are changing one candle at a time.

Meet Luma

“When I start to feel sad, I go into the room and start making candles.  As the wax melts, so do my problems.”

Luma, a Prosperity Candle entrepreneur in Baghdad, Iraq, making candles to help rebuild her life. Every candle she makes is a meaningful gift that empowers women.

Luma is a single women who lives in Baghdad with her parents and eleven brothers and sisters. She graduated from secondary school and joined the Prosperity Candle program to learn vocational skills. Her dream is to make a small business to produce candles.

Luma shared that she sometimes gets very sad about her life, but said “when I start to feel sad, I go into the room and start making candles. As the wax melts, so do my problems.”

When she grows her business to make more candles she plans to employ her girlfriends. She wants to have an Iraqi exhibition of candles to show her products. She aspires to be a Prosperity Candle trader and connect with many countries to display and market Iraqi candles. She hopes to become a famous candle trader.

Luma is now designing and producing candles for local markets as well as for Prosperity Candle. She has found success selling her candles to friends and family in Baghdad.

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10 candles = 1 day’s living wage for a woman like Luma

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