Thoughts from a Gift Recipient: “A candle from Prosperity Candle is more than just a beautiful source of light”

Thank you to Meg Filbey Heatly for sharing her thoughts about the Prosperity Candle that her husband gifted to her last Christmas!

Last year for Christmas my husband was thoughtful enough to give me a beautiful Prosperity Candle that was hand poured by a woman in Iraq.  The candle, on its own, is a beautiful burgundy color and it is perfectly shaped with no defects.  It came wrapped in a paper band that immediately informed me of the important mission of Prosperity Candle: “We celebrate women as a force for peace & prosperity.”   The presentation and packaging were beautifully done and perfect for presenting as a gift.

A Prosperity Candle makes a perfect meaningful gift that gives back and empowers women

My husband and I were Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador.  We truly believe in the importance of empowering women. Prosperity Candle is giving women in poverty stricken areas all over the globe the chance to improve their lives by starting up small businesses that make high quality handmade products.

A candle from Prosperity Candle is more than just a beautiful source of light. The bright flame of the candle represents the hopes and dreams of women struggling to carve out a better life for themselves and their families.  What a wonderful feeling to know that when you buy one of these beautiful handmade candles, you are empowering a woman to take her destiny in her own hands.

A Prosperity Pillar Candle illuminating the lives of customers and women entrepreneurs throughout the world - a beautiful meaningful gift that gives back

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