With The Hoop Fund Prosperity Candle customers can now empower women by shopping AND lending, Kiva-style!

Have you ever used Kiva? If so, you may be interested in our partnership with The Hoop Fund. Now, thanks to their innovative platform, you can now loan as little as $25 to support the women we work with.

Prosperity Candle partners with The Hoop, which helps people lend and purchase their favorite fair trade products made by women

We were really excited when we learned about their work and are now happy to announce that Prosperity Candle has two loans featured on their site. You can:

  1. Lend to support the production of Amnesty International candles made by Burmese & Bhutanese Refugees, and/or
  2. Lend to support the holiday candle-making of the Women for Women graduates in Iraq who are now running their own candle-making businesses in Baghdad

The Hoop is helping people take their support of fair trade one step further. You can buy products to support producers and help finance the production too? The loans you provide will help the women we work with build sustainable businesses.

Prosperity Candle's microloan on the The Hoop to support women refugees from Burma and Bhutan make gifts that give back for Amnesty International

Check out the loans we have on their site – both ours and those of others. They work with some great fair trade groups like Indigenous Designs, AlterEco, Runa, LotusFoods & XS Projects.

Prosperity Candle and The Hoop have similar goals – make conscious consumerism a TRANSFORMATIVE experience, not just transactional. Help us create change through the products we purchase!

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