A Prosperity Candle Customer Writes to the Woman Who Made her Candle

We love what we do. Knowing that our beautiful candles make meaningful gifts that inspire the gift recipient, satisfy the gift giver and empower the woman entrepreneur who made them is an amazing feeling. We have, however, always wanted to take the connection one step further.

A Prosperity Pillar Candle being carefully crafted to be a meaningful gift that empowers women and gives back to the world by a Women for Women International graduate

A Prosperity Candle entrepreneur carefully creates a pillar candle to be shipped to the U.S.

An important part of what we do at Prosperity Candle is to help our customers who have bought the candles and use them connect to the women candle-makers directly. The women we work with in Baghdad (all Women for Women International graduates) love that their stories are told globally. They are proud to have their profiles on our website and love seeing their names on each candle. But even more, they look forward to receiving feedback about the candles that they have carefully crafted for each of our customers. The notes they receive about their candles remind them that they have not been forgotten.

Thank you to Valerie, who recently purchased several Prosperity Candles, for sharing your feedback about Awatif’s candle! Valerie wrote:

Dear Awatif, I am so happy to have one of your beautiful candles. It arrived in perfect condition. The color is rich and the surface is like silk. It is lovely and I think of you with pride when I burn it.

Awatif, a Women for Women International/Prosperity Candle entrepreneur in Iraq, who makes high quality meaningful gifts - Prosperity Pillar Candles. Buy a candle and empower a woman.

Awatif, a determined and spirited candle-maker in Iraq

In Awatif’s own bio she writes:

Know you helped in giving me this chance to be happy.

Thank you Valerie for making a difference in Awatif’s life and giving her a chance for happiness. We are so glad that you love the candle she made!

Did you buy or receive one of our candles? If so, please read about the women who made them and consider sending her a note! Just look on the back of your candle for the woman’s name.

A Women for Women International graduate in Iraq creating a Prosperity Pillar Candle as a meaningful gift that gives back to women

Luma, a woman in Iraq, who is carefully preparing a Prosperity Pillar Candle to be shipped to the U.S. for you!

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