We’re All In for Giving Tuesday . . . Are You?

Are you on board for Giving Tuesday? It’s a new national movement towards a more meaningful holiday season, one where donations and gifts that give back take the stage, at least on Tuesday, November 27th.

Giving Tuesday is also a call to action — a call to improve local communities and give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes that help create a better world.

We couldn’t resist getting involved. Of course, all of our cause candles will result in a 10% donation to our fantastic partners — that’s our everyday commitment. On Tuesday, November 27th, all of our other candles will give a 10% donation to our non-profit sister organization, Prosperity Catalyst.

Prosperity Catalyst is currently working on launching a Haiti initiative, which will build upon existing programs in Haiti to offer women a unique ecosystem of support while developing them as entrepreneurs. And of course, as operations kick off, their output will have a natural export market, as Prosperity Candle will be proud to offer Haitian-made candles in our online store! (Have you seen our Haitian molded figurines, by the way?)

Obviously, Prosperity Catalyst’s work is tremendously important in moving our mission forward. We’re so pleased to be involved with Giving Tuesday and hope you will consider taking part by buying a candle on November 27th.

To learn more about Giving Tuesday, check out their website, twitter, and facebook.

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