Our scent menu gets a facelift (noselift?) for the holidays

We love surprising you with new designs and collections. So when it came time to select some new fragrances to add to our scented candles, we put our very best noses to the test. About a million sniffs later (and one unfortunate incident involving a very potent bottle of mulberry fragrance), we’d found our winners. Don’t worry . . . customer favorites like tea infusion are still around! Check out our full scent menu below.

Antique Sandalwood
Musky and exotic, a wonderful wood base made from sustainably harvested sandalwood blended with cedar essential oils and softened with subtle notes of violet, jasmine and patchouli.
Featured in our laksha recycled glass candle

Black Currant Tea
A subtle blend of black currant, white tea and enchanting floral overtones with a decidedly refined character.
Featured in our marrakech gold tea glass candle

Citrus & Teakwood
Sparkling citrus and exotic teak combine beautifully, offering light grapefruit and orange notes balanced with hints of earthy woods.
Featured in our vessel of light

Ginger White Tea
This infusion of citrus notes, exotic spices and jasmine is perfect with the gentle aroma of white tea.
Featured in our franjipani tea tin candle

Lemon Lavender
A joyous blend of fresh cut lemons and fields of lavender – one our favorites!
Featured in our grape soda bottle candle

Lemongrass Sage
Sage herbs and sparkling citrus notes create a truly uplifting fragrance when combined with the freshness of lemongrass – another favorite.
Featured in our artistic musings bowl candle

Magnolia Blossom
A luxuriously romantic floral fragrance with sweet magnolia, white sandalwood and soft amber.
Featured in our creme soda bottle candle

Rose Garden
The elegance of an English garden is captured in this blend of briar roses and wild flowers.
Featured in our diet soda bottle candle

Spearmint Basil
A perfect balance of refreshing spearmint and flavorful basil creates a fragrance that puts a nice spring in your step.
Featured in our eva bowl candle

Tea Infusion
A refreshing blend of teas infused with citrus high notes creates this wonderful fragrance – one of Prosperity Candle’s most popular.
Featured in our red blossom bowl candle

Verbena and lemon zest are the heart of this wonderful blend that is reminiscent of nature’s own gardens. New this fall, and we love it.
Featured in our guancasco leaf & vine candle

This essence of this exotic fragrance comes from a grass native to Haiti. It is known for its soothing, relaxing properties and yields a delightfully clean, nutty base note.
Featured in our pansa bowl candle

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