Vessel of Light Candles Now in Whole Foods Market

We’re pleased to announce that the Whole Foods at Symphony in Boston is now carrying our beautiful 100% soy Vessel of Light candles. These candles are made by women refugees from Burma and Bhutan who now live in Springfield, MA. Each candle burns beautifully and is infused with the hopes and dreams of each woman – as well as a great fragrance. The name of the woman who made the candle is signed on each one.
I'm a local Prosperity Candle Whole Foods Market shelf talker, highlighting the social mission behind our beautiful candles
For more information about Whole Foods Market at Symphony, click here. Please stop by to take a look at them in person! They will soon be in other locations as well – we’ll keep you posted.

Vessel of Light soy candle made by women refugees from Burma and Bhutan - a beautiful meaningful gift that gives back

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