“… the ripple effect is tremendous”: Prosperity Candle in the Boston Globe

cavanaugh_10prosperity2_bizThis weekend, we were honored to be featured in the Boston Globe’s business section. The article did a wonderful job of outlining our mission and vision for Prosperity Candle.

As a small social enterprise, it’s always exciting to receive press coverage — every step of the process is fun for us. President Ted Barber and Siiri Morley of Prosperity Catalyst had a great conversation with article writer Sarah Shemkus, and it was awesome to see our candle-making process through the eyes (and lens!) of photographer Matthew Cavanaugh.

And of course, what’s most exciting is sharing our story with a new community, and hearing that people were inspired by our company’s mission. Thank you to everyone who participated in, read, shared, and enjoyed the piece!

Read the article at the Boston Globe and shop candles made by Burmese refugees like Moo Kho and Naw here

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