International Workers’ Day: Reflecting on May Day

It’s May Day.

Also known as International Workers’ Day — a celebration of the international labor movement.

Today, we’re thinking about the workers behind the products we consume. Sometimes we make good choices; buying carefully, supporting fair trade, purchasing from organizations dedicated to the livelihood of their employees. Sometimes, we don’t meet that standard.

We’ve been reflecting on the idea that change is a choice. No one person can change the world . . . not easily, at least! But little changes, made mindfully, can and will add up. Making the choice to buy a fair trade pound of coffee means a few extra dollars out of my pocket. But that little choice makes a big difference to the farmers who are paid fairly for their coffee beans.

We’re proud to be an organization that works to economically empower women. The women we work with are strong, smart, dedicated candle-makers, and today we celebrate them.

In the aftermath of the terrible factory collapse in Bangladesh, I’m taking time this May Day to be grateful, and to renew my own personal vow to purchase with purpose . . . and let all those little choices add up to big change.

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