The Prosperity mission continues . . . in Haiti!

Landy and Willnese: candlemakers and seamstresses! After much planning, preparation, and research, the Prosperity Candle team is ready to start making an impact in Haiti!

We’ll begin our work by recruiting and training 30 women in candle-making and business operations.  As always, our goal is to help these women not just survive, but thrive –creating scalable businesses opportunities and providing an export market through our Prosperity Candle online store.

As we get closer to our official launch in Haiti, we’re excited to unveil a new line of molded beeswax candles from our partners in Haiti.  Made from pure beeswax, these candles were handmade by Landy and Willnese, two multi-talented aspiring entrepreneurs.  When they’re not making candles, Landy and Willnese can also be found behind their sewing machines — both women are skilled seamstresses!

Landy and Willnese’s candles are a great way to decorate and share the light, while supporting the Haitian women who created them.

Learn more about why beeswax rocks and check out the new candles in our store.

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