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The 8 Best Gifts for College Students to Help Them Relax

It's that time of year again: back to school! College students across the country are headed back to campus or starting online classes. As they learn more about themselves, they’re likely also struggling with challenges they have never faced before.

No matter if they’re just starting out or are seasoned students, there’s nothing like a gift from home to bring a smile to their face. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, birthday, an A+, or just letting them know you’re thinking of them, a small gesture can mean a lot. We put together this guide of some of the best gifts for college students to help with their college experience! 

1. Add Balance To Their Busy Schedules 

Add balance with these college graduation gifts to inspire mindfulness | Prosperity Candle

Between juggling academics, social life, and some much-needed downtime, college students are going to crave some balance. A calendar or weekly planner for those fast-paced schedules is a great gift for college students. It’s a helpful visual aid to keep track of all their activities. Our Daily Balance Gift Set will help students find a sense of harmony in their lives, with a scented rollerball to help them focus during the day and a fresh room spray for a calming night. The gift set also comes with pop-up note cards with inspirational messages inside! These gifts are great if students are enrolled in classes or if you’re searching for college graduation gifts. 

2. Keep Things Smelling Fresh 

Keep things smelling fresh with Happiness Reed Diffusers as great gifts for college girls | Prosperity Candle

It's important to keep your space smelling good. We all know just how therapeutic it is to walk into a room with your favorite scents lingering in the air to greet you. No matter the time of year or how busy they are, simple gifts for freshening and tidying student spaces are always appreciated. Useful gifts for college students always include laundry kits and cleaning supplies to keep things simple and spotless. You can also never go wrong with candles – or diffusers and room sprays for a flameless option! Prosperity Candle offers Happiness Reed Diffusers as a wonderful way to gently and effortlessly scent a space throughout the day and the Tranquility Room Spray to freshen the air with a simple spritz. College students will appreciate easy cleaning options! 

3. Elevate Their Space 

Succulents make great gifts for college students to uplift their mood | Prosperity Candle

A new space calls for new decor! Adding some exciting elements to the room will really help bring life to the new place. Try to brighten up their rooms with some greenery! We love how rituals like tending to plants can calm the mind. Plants and flowers are some of the best gifts for college students with busy schedules. Our Peace of Mind gift set includes a beautiful, low-maintenance air plant, paired with our Arden candle to help promote a daily refresh. Our colorful and decorative Terrace Candles and Liberte Pot Candles are also great gifts for college students. With wildflower seed paper provided, each candle can be transformed and repurposed into a planter pot. These are perfect for college students with green thumbs! 

4. Send Along A Care Package 

Give a touch of home comfort as thoughtful gifts for college students | Prosperity Candle

Sending a care package to show love and support makes the best gift for college students. Unfortunately, students will have tough days when they’re feeling stressed or sick. An assortment of first aid supplies or a medicine kit can ease some of their discomforts and fight any oncoming illnesses. Our Home Comfort care package is a helpful gift for college students who may be feeling particularly under the weather. They can curl up with a cozy hot water bottle, sip on some Big Heart Tea and enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy of our calming Tranquility Room Spray. Additional cozy gifts for college students can include slippers, warm socks, or a fuzzy blanket. Spoil students with all the convenient comforts of home. 

5. Motivate And Encourage Them 

Discover encouraging gifts for college students to motivate them | Prosperity Candle

Hardworking college students deserve recognition for all their accomplishments. Tell someone they are awesome with our new You're Awesome Gift Set, paired with a decorative Azul Brush candle, an elegant wick trimmer, and motivational pop-up cards. The Azul Brush candle can then be repurposed as a cereal bowl, nut, or candy dish for their rooms! Our She Inspires Candle Collection, adorned with empowering quotes from fearless women, is a beautiful gift for college girls. Make it a complete package with the Inspire Her Gift Set, which includes a She Inspires travel tin, inspirational quote pop-up cards, with a choice of a special treat of tea, chocolate, or caramels. 

6. Celebrate Holidays And Important Events 

Explore birthday gifts for college students to bring them joy | Prosperity Candle

Celebrate holidays from afar by sending college students gifts that let them know you’re thinking of them. Birthdays can be honored by sending a small gift of appreciation like a handwritten card, a Zodiac Candle, or a sweet treat. Our Birthday Treat Gift Set will brighten anyone’s day with an elegant candle and some delicious eco-truffles, or add your own personal message to a candle with our Personalized Candles for a sentimental touch. Gift cards, books, and electronics are also great gifts for college students celebrating holidays throughout the year. College students will appreciate the thoughtfulness. 

7. Help Document Their Experiences 

Memorable gifts for college students include journals and photo albums | Prosperity Candle

Whether they're fresh faces on campus, returning students, or enrolled online, continuing an educational career is a big accomplishment. We believe that it’s so beneficial to document these exciting experiences. A journal for personal reflection and organizing thoughts are useful gifts for college students. Our Mindfulness Gift Set is paired with a daily affirmation notebook and your pick of a candle from our Tranquility Candle Collection. College students can start or end the day off on the right foot, help encourage healthy habits, or just vent when life gets stressful through journaling. Another great gift for college students is stationary for sending letters to help them keep in touch with friends and family! 

8. Wind Down And Rest 

Thoughtful gifts of relaxation are the best gifts for college students to unwind | Prosperity Candle

Stressful days call for calming nights. College students are going to want to relax after a long day. Encourage positive rituals in their day with a comforting cup of tea and calming candlelight with our Harmony Gift Set. Whether the day begins or ends with this practice, who doesn't love a warm drink and soft light to create comfort? Relaxing gifts for college students also can include spa-inspired packages, such as face masks, skin care products, and aromatherapy. Students can create their own special nighttime routines with our Unwind Gift Set, which includes a gently weighed and infused essential oil eye mask and our Happiness Reed Diffusers. Students can create a serene experience to look forward to daily! 

There are so many ways to show the student in your life that you’re thinking of them. No matter the gift, the gesture lets them know that they’re cared for and can help motivate them to continue pursuing their goals. Sending them an ethical gift also helps give back while showing that you care, and can set an example for spreading good wherever they are, in any way that they can.

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