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11 Tips To Help You Feel Self Empowerment

It often seems that our outlook on the world is a bit brighter when we feel confident and secure in our own bodies and minds. We all experience uncertainty and self doubt from time to time... and it is in those uncomfortable moments when introspection can help you evaluate your life, refocus on what matters most, and set goals for the future. 

Of course, knowing yourself and what you want out of life is one thing. Taking control and putting those goals into action is entirely another - and the true definition of self empowerment. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some self empowerment tips that can help all of us start the journey to recognizing and achieving our individual goals. 

What is self empowerment? 

Self empowerment is the act of confidently taking control of your life and encouraging yourself to strive for success, however that may look to you. It’s about evaluating what you want out of life and trying your best to execute it. Creating healthy habits for yourself, setting achievable goals, and using the undeniable power of positivity are valuable tools to help boost self esteem. The path to self empowerment can be a winding road, often with a few setbacks, so it’s important to be forgiving and always support and encourage yourself along the way. 

How to achieve self empowerment 

1. Self care is self love 

11 Self Empowerment Tips to Help You Feel Confident | Prosperity Candle

Taking care of your well-being is essential to a healthy mindset. A good way to start is to develop simple routines that put you in the right frame of mind. Knowing that the end goal is self empowerment and positivity, make them enjoyable rituals. Try starting your mornings with some reflection while sipping your favorite beverage out of your most treasured mug, or get ready for the day while listening to your favorite music or podcast. Of course, stay hydrated throughout the day and, whenever possible, try to come home to a calming evening routine (perhaps with aromatherapy candles and a cozy blanket). Remember to set a consistent bedtime, leave the electronics aside, and take care of your body. Creating healthy habits is essential to staying refreshed and motivated on your self empowerment journey. 

2. Set achievable goals 

What makes you happy? What do you want to accomplish? Is there something that’s been placed on the back burner? Creating and completing realistic and achievable goals for yourself - no matter how small - helps to build confidence. Written lists are a great visual aid to keep you motivated and on track. Common self empowerment tips include setting goals around creating a reading schedule, learning a new skill, cleaning the house, or even going through your closet. There is so much gratification in accomplishing tasks that you’ve wanted to achieve. 

3. Daily exercise

Anything and everything counts: stretching, walking, jogging, dancing – just move your body! Exercising daily is super beneficial to your health, regardless of the level of intensity. Whether you’re going for a hike, taking the dog for a walk, or doing a workout, moving your body yields immediate results. It increases your endorphins, provides a natural energy boost, and improves your overall mood and mindset. It also helps with sleeping patterns, muscle and bone strength, and mental health. Of course, this is not new information, but it helps to be reminded of the many benefits of daily exercise. 

4. Increase positive self-talk 

Use Positive Self Talk For Self Empowerment | Prosperity Candle

It may sound strange to some but this is a key self-empowerment tip! Giving yourself compliments throughout the day by focusing on the things you love about yourself is an important and powerful skill. Try to maintain a positive mindset. Treat yourself like a close friend or family member that needs some support. Positive self-talk does not always come easy, but it’s essential to remain kind and be gentle to yourself. 

5. Be Assertive

Decide what you want and go for it! It’s not always that simple or easy, of course, but standing up for yourself, even if in the simplest of ways, helps you feel empowered. Say yes when you want something and no when you don’t. Be an advocate for yourself and create healthy boundaries. If something is negatively affecting you, try your best to remove it. The more you stand for what matters to you, the more courageous you become. 

6. Volunteer Or Donate 

It always feels good when you've helped someone in need or an important cause. Volunteering your time or donating to organizations can help fulfill a sense of purpose and contribution to society, especially when the issues addressed are important to you. There are organizations near and far that always need volunteers or donations. Part of self empowerment is helping to empower others with whatever support you are able to give. 

7. Date Yourself! 

Plan a date for yourself to help you feel self empowered and confident | Prosperity Candle

Dedicate time each month to pamper yourself on your own terms away from the stresses of the world. A solo date night is simple - find something you love and do it, alone! Indulge in a spa day, get cozy with a book or film, go for a picnic or plan an evening of painting other creative activity. You can even go the extra mile by purchasing a gift or flowers for yourself! The goal is to feel well taken care of, and to enjoy time with yourself. It’s not only fun, but also a vital step in getting to know our most empowered selves. 

8. Dive into your culture 

Follow your roots and celebrate your most authentic self. Culture is a way of life that encompasses social behavior, beliefs and values– and it looks different everywhere around the world. What is your heritage? Explore it! We all come from different backgrounds which is in part what makes us unique. Venture into your own ancestry and see if there’s a custom or tradition that resonates and that you can implement within your own household. Exploring languages, cooking up new recipes, or perhaps appreciating a different art form are ways to dive deeper into your own diversity. What makes you, you? An important part of self empowerment is defining that. 

9. Explore the arts 

Sometimes the best self empowerment tips can be discovered through the arts. Literature, visual art and music are great sources to draw inspiration. Search for an artist or musician that moves you, or try listening to podcasts that promote self-help and positivity. You can also read self empowerment books that promote authenticity and teach you how to embrace your true self, such as The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Self empowerment isn’t just a trend but an essential way of life, and there are an infinite number of resources available to help you achieve it! 

10. Do 3 activities for yourself every night 

Self Empowerment Tips Include Doing 3 Things For Yourself Every Night | Prosperity Candle

Each night try challenging yourself to do 1 activity to care for yourself, 1 activity for fun or connection, and 1 activity for calming or reflecting. Below are some examples of activities you can incorporate into your nightly routine that fulfill each of the 3 categories: 

Activities to care for yourself:

  • Picking out your outfit for tomorrow
  • Meal prepping for the next day
  • Making a call or doing a task that you have been avoiding

Activities for fun or connection:

  • Go for a walk with a close friend
  • Write and send a thoughtful text or letter to someone important to you
  • Take a walk through nature with intention and take notice of everything you come across

Activities for calming or reflecting:

  • Light your favorite candle and journal for 15 minutes
  • Do a calming or nourishing yoga practice
  • Sit outside with a cup of your favorite herbal tea 

11. Just try your best 

Not every day is going to be easy, and some days you won’t want to commit at all. That is OK! Try not to hold yourself to unrealistic standards, and always be forgiving. We are only human and the power of positivity doesn't always come naturally. Just remember to keep working toward your goals no matter the setbacks, and self empowerment will surely follow. 

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