Tag-a-Long Wreath

The other day someone asked if Prosperity Candle could offer Advent Candles for the holiday season. Absolutely!  Then he needed a photo of the candles in a wreath, which we thought would be easy enough to get.  Turns out that the right fir branches (balsam) are not as readily available in July.  Makes sense…

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Tag-a-long makes for a great wreath carrier in July

Fortunately, Nuttleman’s Florist knew someone up north who could walk outside and trim a few branches for us, and voila!  We had our holiday wreath.  Having worked hard to make it, the question was then raised about how not to destroy it on a bike.  But that’s where a tag-a-long rocks… the perfect carrier.  It was kind of funny riding through town with a wreath slung where one of my kids should have been, but now we know where to go for Advent Candle greenery.   Thanks, Nuttleman’s!     – Ted

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