5 Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness & Products that Donate to Breast Cancer Research

5 Breast Cancer Awareness Support Ideas For All Year Long

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In one way or another, breast cancer affects nearly every family. Afflicting one in eight women in the U.S., most who develop breast cancer have no family history of it. That is why screenings, self-exams and knowing risk factors are so important and, possibly, life-changing. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you're wondering how to support breast cancer awareness, we are sharing 5 ways you can make a difference in your community and show support for women battling breast cancer. We're also donating 10% of all sales from our Courage Collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every purchase of these candles helps fund their lifesaving work to prevent, treat and find a cure for breast cancer.

Join us in supporting breast cancer awareness and shining a light on survivors and those at risk throughout the world.

1. Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

Support Breast Cancer Awareness & Products that Donate to Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among women in the U.S. and globally. You can support women and families in your community by encouraging awareness around risk factors, self-exams and screenings. With increased awareness comes opportunities for early detection, a big part of why there are many more breast cancer survivors than in past years.

Community centers, libraries, gyms and even workplaces are usually open to sharing posters and resources to raise health awareness. So if you don't see any materials up yet, make a suggestion! You can also support breast cancer awareness campaigns with those you know on social media, or connect in person with family and friends. Bridging the gap to important resources can be lifesaving. 

2. Support Research Efforts  

Support Breast Cancer Research for a Cure & Products that Donate to Breast Cancer Research

Incredible organizations like BCRF are dedicated to supporting breast cancer awareness and research that touches the lives of millions who are at risk, currently battling, or a survivor of breast cancer. Early detection, better screenings, and advancements in treatments are the reason the death rate by breast cancer has been going down in the last 25 years.

With over 3 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. and counting, efforts to understand this widespread disease and find a cure are crucial to provide a healthy life and bright future for women everywhere. 

3. Fundraise with an Event

Fundraisers & Products that Support Breast Cancer Awareness

A great way to create a larger impact while supporting breast cancer survivors in your community is to host a fundraising event near you. It only takes one dedicated individual to build momentum for a cause!

Give yourself time to do a little research in advance to know the organization and work you are supporting. When you're ready, you can set out your goals and choose how your event will make a tangible impact by raising funds for breast cancer survivors, donating to an organization or spreading awareness. Get in touch with a local partner to work together to coordinate the logistics and support breast cancer awareness.

4. Donate to a Charitable Organization

Organizations & Products that Support Breast Cancer Awareness & Research

Breast cancer is one battle we can all be united in, and there are many highly regarded breast cancer organizations in the U.S. bringing a vision of hope to survivors. Rated 4 stars on Charity Navigator, donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation fund advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. Other equally incredible organizations to look into are the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, Bay Area Cancer Connections and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

If you know of other organizations that should be highlighted, please make a comment below and we'll be sure to add them!

5. Shop a Courage Candle

Products that Donate to Support Breast Cancer Research & Awareness - Courage Candle

Direct donations are always best. But if you've already given to an organization supporting breast cancer awareness and survivors, or know someone who would appreciate receiving an inspiring gift, you can also purchase a Courage Candle, handmade by a woman artisan with all-natural soy and coconut wax.

You make a triple impact: you support a woman building a brighter future in the U.S. after surviving for many years as a refugee, we donate 10% of sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and your gift recipient is inspired with a Thrive, Rise or Dare candle as a symbol of hope and solidarity. 

Do you have other ideas on how to support breast cancer awareness and empower survivors? Be sure to share them in the comments! 

Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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Eli Richardson
Eli Richardson

Not long ago, one of my younger cousins had a major cancer scare, and it helped my family understand the importance of early detection. I liked that you talked about different ways we could help spread awareness of breast cancer, so I’ll share your article with my sister since she’s the one that started our project. Thanks for the advice on organizing fundraising events and donating to breast cancer awareness programs. http://learnlooklocate.com/resources/

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