Proof Eyewear: Sweet Shades Restoring Sight

Proof Eyewear is changing how we see the world (and business).

Their unique (often wooden) designs may be the first thing to draw you in, but there’s so much more to this fashion forward eyewear company!

These stylish glasses are eco-friendly: made from sustainably sourced wood, plant-based acetate, and recycled metal. And Proof also provides cataract surgery to those who can’t afford it in places like India.

The company started with 3 brothers — Brooks, Tanner, and Taylor — who grew up around their grandfather’s sawmill. In 2010, the brothers started Proof, continuing the woodworking tradition. From the beginning, sustainability and giving back have been at the center of Proof’s identity. 

Recently, Proof opened a clinic in India that provides free cataract surgery. This is a huge blessing to individuals who are blind and can’t work to support their families. These simple surgeries, which many people could never afford, give individuals, families, and communities new opportunity.

Co-founder Tanner told us that when the brothers founded Proof they “wanted it to be more than … just making money. Our goal was to do something to give back and help people in need around us. So seeing one of our major goals as a company being reached was huge. It was definitely a feeling of accomplishment and joy to see how many people were being helped and will be helped from a small idea we had a few years back.”

After the tragic loss of Tanner’s firstborn child, his work at Proof has helped him mourn, heal, and honor the importance of every life. “[Through Proof], I’m able to see how important life is and how blessed people can be and the need there is to share what we have,” he shares. “I think seeing the kindness and love people have in India and around the world helped my family and I cope.”

We admire the team behind Proof so much — we’re honored to share their touching story with you. We encourage all of you to get a fresh perspective and change lives around the world with your next eyewear purchase — be it sunglasses or eyeglasses, Proof has you covered.

Proof Eyewear


These frames come prescription ready, so you can keep the clear lens or have your prescription lenses added locally. Also check out the brownbone and yellow tortoise frames, or add polarized lenses to any Pledge frame for just $25.
Named after Grandpa Bud, who inspired the Dame brothers’ love for wood. These glasses are made from 5 ply canadian maple skateboard decks and also come in blue, brown and rasta frames. Like other Proof frames, they’re water/sweat proof and perfect for all your outdoor adventures.
This women’s style is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, and the mahogany frame adds a sophisticated splash of color to any outfit. The McCall is also available in lacewood and stained bamboo frames.

These three styles can’t possibly express all the varieties in their collections — be sure to check out their online store and to look for U.S. or international dealers!

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