Give Prints, Give Hope

Give Prints offers beautiful photographs on digital paper, wood canvases — even shirts! And 50% of the profits are donated to great nonprofit organizations.

Cristina Robeck, founder of Give Prints, envisioned a company that could help photographers share and sell their artwork while also supporting nonprofit organizations.

Give Prints offers a great selection of images from 17 different photographers, so whether you’re into landscapes, lifestyle, or documentary photography you’re sure to find something you love! 

Start your search for the perfect print with three of our favorites:

1 Spin | Source:
1 | Source: collections/by-tag/products/spin

2 | Source: http://www.giveprints. com/collections/by-tag/ products/heart


3 | Source: products/copy-of-sand-and-steel

1. Spin, $25 – $119 (Price depends on selected material and size.)
This photograph was taken by Aaron Young while in Mexico. That’s his arm you see swinging the little boy. With a camera around his neck, Aaron skillfully captured this joyous moment.

2. Heart, $25 – $119 (Price depends on selected material and size.)
This picture is breathtaking. And can you believe it’s a real place? Mick McMurray captured this beauty in the Upper Antelope Canyon, located in  Arizona. It is sure to be a conversation starter (and could even inspire a family vacation)!

3. Perfect Timing Tee, $29
And of course we have to show you one of Give Prints’ unique tees! The photographer, Samantha May, was in Scotland when, as she says, “The swans shared their heart with me.” (Source: products/copy-of-sand-and-steel)

Take a look at Give Prints Gallery and Apparel to see the complete selection, then check out all the great nonprofits you can support with your purchase!


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