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Leaning Into Our Mission In 2021

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Twenty months ago on the How I Built This podcast, Sarah Kauss was asked by Guy Raz how her company S’well was approaching the uncertainty of the pandemic. Her response struck a chord:  “really leaning into the mission.” 

A few days earlier we had decided to donate a month of net proceeds from our retail site to Feeding America to help struggling families who were turning to food banks for meals. We didn’t talk about leaning in, and as a small business had never been in a position to make such a commitment. It was a little scary, actually. No one knew what the road ahead looked like. 

But as Sarah explained to Guy, it had become abundantly clear just how interconnected we all are, and how unexpectedly dependent on community any one of us can suddenly be - on those we know, as well as on complete strangers. Her hope was that at the other end of the pandemic, we would collectively discover a changed environment and a new sense of what community means. 

We're with Sarah. As weary and concerned as everyone is, we also witness many people continuing to lean in to help others and staying resilient in the face of hardship and uncertainty. In 2020 and throughout this year, we have endeavored to do the same alongside so many individuals and organizations working to support and give back to communities near and far.

We followed that first donation to Feeding America with another a few months later when the lines had grown still longer, and added the American Refugee Committee (now Alight) and NAACP. This year, we reached out to the International Medical Corps to support the critical care and supplies they provide to refugees around the world. And in August when so many Afghan families were suddenly at risk we again donated a month of net proceeds from our retail site to send aid through the American Rescue Committee. 

As this 13th year of Prosperity Candle comes to a close and we look ahead to 2022, we are feeling immense gratitude to you, our customers and supporters, who make everything possible. Without your purchases and interest in our mission, this social enterprise may not have survived the pandemic, let alone been able to lean into its mission to help more people in need. 

Thank you for finding us online and in stores, for giving gifts that give back with every purchase, for your caring and sense of community, and for sharing the story of Prosperity Candle with others. We so deeply appreciate it and look forward to building a brighter future together in the new year. 

Thank you from Prosperity Candle
Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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Karen  Ansara
Karen Ansara

This is amazing! You are truly demonstrating why dignified work matters, to lift up all of humanity and to connect us to each other. I will buy more candles for sure!

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