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7 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas To Promote Wellness

The holidays often remind us of the people and things we're grateful for. It is also the perfect time to uplift those around you, including your coworkers. Employee appreciation, especially for those working remotely, can let your team know that their contribution matters and their presence is valued.

With the bustle of our busy lives, it can be easy to forget how meaningful it is to recognize employees’ accomplishments. Showing compassion and care for the people you work with not only feels right and strengthens personal connections, but also has great benefits in the workplace. Studies show that employee appreciation will boost productivity and engagement, strengthen your team’s culture, and increase loyalty to your organization. And after a difficult year for everyone, acknowledging your team’s determination and patience will not go unnoticed.

Corporate gift ideas for employees range from anything that makes the work day easier to experiences to enjoy when off the clock. And celebrating accomplishments doesn’t have to come only once a year - besides the holiday season, it’s great to recognize work anniversaries, personal milestones and completing important projects or goals. Even an occasional “just because” gift can be a nice surprise and have a positive impact on your team. 

Below we've created a list of 7 employee appreciation gift ideas to help show your gratitude and improve employee wellness. We hope it's helpful! 

1. Gift Boxes For Any Occasion

Sea salt dream gift set makes a great employee gift idea | Employee appreciation ideas this holiday season

When it comes to employee gift ideas, gift boxes are a great place to start. They can match any employee’s style and can be tailored for any theme: to encourage self care, work from home essentials, or to jumpstart a work day. Surprise an employee with a gift set like our Sea Salt Dream for a relaxing treat, or create your own with a few memorable items. 

2. Gifts To Help Unwind 

Discover wellness gifts for employees to bring joy any time of year | Prosperity Candle

Everyone can agree that there’s nothing like relaxing at the end of a long work week. Inspire a sense of calm with wellness gifts for employees, including relaxing candles like in our Vaasa CandleHappiness Trio Gift Set, a spa experience, or an essential oil diffuser. Like a gift box, these employee appreciation gift ideas can be tailored depending on any budget or theme. 

3. Cooking Or Baking Classes

Employee appreciation ideas including cooking and baking classes

One unique employee gift idea is to give an experience, especially one outside of the office. Giving a gift like a cooking class is memorable and has a tasty reward, and your employees can learn a new skill while having some fun. These could be in-person classes for the full experience or over Zoom for the comfort of your own home. 

4. Home Office Supplies

Employee appreciation ideas include home office supplies for employees working from home | Employee gift ideas for remote employees

Home office supplies are almost guaranteed to be well-used, especially for those working remotely. Ask your remote employees what would make their work from home set-up better for them, or what their home office pain points are. 

Based on their answers, you can narrow down what home office supplies would be the most useful and make the best corporate gift idea for employees. These supplies can range from organizational tools like notebooks and desk organizers to helpful accessories like an adjustable laptop stand or noise-canceling headphones (for those Zooming from a busy home). 

5. Plants

The peace of mind gift set can help employee wellness and is a great employee gift idea

Gifting some greenery to a workspace can help to reduce stress and boost the creativity of your employees. There are even scientific studies that have shown active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. 

And you can be creative with your gift! Include a unique or handmade pot, seeds to grow, or a flower press to remember the gift by. Our Peace of Mind gift set pairs a candle with a real air plant and terrarium, offering pleasant scents and a touch of green with a low maintenance plant. 

6. Engaging Games

The hygge game gift set is a simple employee gift idea for all | Employee appreciation gift ideas for any employee

Games make great employee gift ideas to enjoy countless times. Card games or conversational games are portable and can even be used over Zoom with friends for get togethers or as ice breakers. Our Hygge Gift Set is one of our favorites as it inspires fun, cozy conversations among friends while creating a comfortable atmosphere with a Happiness Candle. 

7. Gifts That Give Back 

Employee appreciation ideas that support a cause | Prosperity Candle

Our final employee appreciation gift idea is one that always resonates with our team: choose a gift that gives back to a good cause! This combination can be memorable and rewarding for everyone, boosting spirits and positive feelings all around. It can be gift cards to local shops, items from businesses that support a cause of your choice, or a gift that donates a portion of the proceeds to specific organizations. This can also mean supporting organizations that offer sustainable or handmade artisan goods.

While gifts are always appreciated, employers can still recognize their employees’ work with small acts of acknowledgement. This extends to simple words of encouragement when employees meet important goals, expressing thanks for going above and beyond on a project, or recognizing successes in company meetings. 

We hope these employee appreciation gift ideas inspire you to give back to your employees in a creative and meaningful way. And if you do choose to give a gift that gives back but are unsure where to start, search for certifications like Fair Trade or B Corporation (like us!). These labels ensure your gift is ethically made, amplifying your positive impact on both your community and around the world. 

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