Four Meaningful Gift Ideas for Every Holiday Hostess

We recently shared our 5 Steps to Choosing a Meaningful Holiday Hostess Gift and, if we may be so bold, we think our gift sets and candles fit each consideration! Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for your holiday party hostess:

1. For the hostess who treasures ornamental keepsakes, our Recycled Sari Star Ornament and Votive or Rwandan Basket Ornament and Votive are absolutely perfect. She can use the candle any time and still have an ornament to display for years to come.

2. For the hostess whose generosity often forgets herself, we suggest the Divine Chocolate by Candlelight, or the Pamper Her Silly Gift Set. With either selection, after all the guests have gone home, your hostess can take a well-deserved moment to herself!

3. For a classic and useful, thoughtful and empowering gift, we love our Signature Collection Boutique Jar Candle. Available in three scent options, this is a great choice for the hostess who loves an elegant simple gift, or for the hostess you may not know very well yet!

4. For the hostess who appreciates the fine crafting of an artisan, our Balance and Harmony Bowl is a great fit. With the hand-poured candle inside the reusable, unique glazed pottery bowl crafted by Ede Walker, this gift is useful twice over and sure to please.

Remember that the wonderful hostess who put together a generous meal or delightful holiday party has put a great deal of time and effort into trying to make you feel welcomed and appreciated in her home. Do your best to return the compliment with some consideration and time spent on choosing her meaningful hostess gift. Make the thought count and give better with your hostess present this holiday season!

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