Exclusive interview with Siiri Morley on ClaudiaChan.com

Claudia Chan

Prosperity Candle founding partner Siiri Morley was recently interviewed by Claudia Chan. Claudia Chan, a seasoned entrepreneur, is “on a mission to motivate all women to dream and do big, aim and achieve high – by connecting you to the pulse and stories of today’s women leaders.”

Siiri was consulted on everything from her advice on how to network to her viewpoints on relationships. When asked about Prosperity Candle, Siiri put our mission and brand into perfect perspective.

“Our brand is distinguished by a sense of hopefulness, respect, and beauty. Although Prosperity Candle works with women in some of the toughest parts of the world, with very dark stories, we focus on light and possibility. We focus on the creativity and resilience that women have. We don’t ask people to engage with us out of an obligation or a sense of guilt, but rather about a sense of transformational connection with a global sisterhood of women. We connect each customer to the woman who made her candle and enable them to learn about each others lives; through a simple biography on our website, and the ability to send the woman a message.”

Read the full interview at ClaudiaChan.com!

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