Did You Say Mud? Our Newest Artisan Candles Have a Bit of Grit Behind Their Story

Check out our Guancasco Candles, the newest addition to our Artisan Collection. These one-of-a kind clay vessel candles come all the way from the country of Honduras.

The vessels are sculpted by women of the Ciamagul Co-operative, using techniques passed down through generations of women. The women belong to the indigenous Lenca tribe and believe women have a special connection with the earth and are therefore the only ones who can mold it.

Made without paint, the vessels are first sculpted, then layered with mud to create the designs. After they’re fired in a kiln, the unprotected areas turn black and create the bold designs. The final product that is distinctive and delightful . . . especially when you consider the process behind them!

The Guancasco candles are available in single or double wick varieties. And if you really dig (get it? mud? dig?) these vessels, you can pair your candle with a beautifully crafted accessory cup as a gorgeous duo for your desk.

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