Advent is almost here! How will you celebrate?

The following is a guest post written Prosperity Candle customer Kathryn House. Have you purchased an Advent Votive Set? We’d love to hear from you! Send your pictures and Advent reflections to us at, tweet to us, or post on our facebook page!

Faith, hope, joy, and love. Four small words with such capacity for seeing the world in a new way, for being reminded of the world that is and the one that is yet to be as well.

I used Prosperity Candle’s Advent Candle Set in my home last year. Previously I had not been very mindful about my candle choice to celebrate Advent.

I’m pretty sure my plan was to cross my fingers and hope for the best: open drawers where I thought they might be hiding from the year before. Say a small prayer that there was still some faith, hope, joy, and love left from the year before or make a quick run to Target.

I am so glad I chose to use Prosperity’s Advent set last year, though. I had already been impressed with Prosperity’s mission and work empowering women entrepreneurs around the world. Their candles were quickly becoming some of my favorite gifts to give for housewarming or wedding gifts.

For me, the Advent candles become a way to reflect on the season’s themes with even greater intentionality. It was powerful to know that the small flames that I tended on my kitchen table each Sunday evening were a part of a greater story of faith, hope, joy, and love unfolding around the world.

I hope you’ll consider them for the spaces that are sacred to you this Advent season.

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