5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably

June 01, 2018

5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably

Shrinking your carbon footprint doesn't have to be as boring as that sounds!

We love finding simple and creative ways to have a positive impact. And if you're anything like us and are procrastinating spring cleaning, upcycling is a fun alternative to tossing stuff in landfills. Plus it makes for inspiring interior design.

All those well-loved, old household items that are sitting in your garage or closet right now can be repurposed with new life and style. And if you have kids at home, it’s a creative summer activity. DIY upcycling projects are cool ways to freshen up your home and add decor inspiration, whether you like vintage styles or contemporary designs.

To help get you started, we put together a list of five of our favorite repurposing ideas. Enjoy living more sustainably!

1. Elegant ladder shelves 

Elegant DIY ladder shelves - 5 Creative Upcycling Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably on Prosperity Candle Blog DIY ladder shelves in living room - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably on Prosperity Candle Blog

Weathered wood is a beautiful accent item for any vintage-style living room or beachy bathroom. And it just so happens that old wooden ladders create this look perfectly!  All you need is a ladder, a drill, wooden planks (pine looks beautiful), screws, and L brackets to create a unique shelving unit that is full of life. Choose to stand the ladder vertically against the wall or mount it horizontally to hold your books, magazines, plants, and pictures. To create a more modern feel, stain the wood in a bright blue or white. This DIY ladder shelf is definitely a statement piece and adds an elegant, eclectic feel to your home decor. 

2. Decorative wine bottle lamps

3 decorative wine bottle lamps - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably on Prosperity Candle Blog DIY wine bottle lamps hanging outdoors - 5 Creative Upcycling Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably on Prosperity Candle Blog

Next time you find yourself with an empty bottle of wine, save it to turn into a unique bottle lamp that elevates your home and patio decor. To bring the bottle to  life, just place string lights inside through the top or drill a small hole in the side. If you're feeling extra creative, you can hang your wine glass bottles from the ceiling with light bulbs in the center. T hese DIY glass bottle lamps  add a unique touch of warmth to any indoor or outdoor space that is hard to replicate. This idea is definitely on our list to try...we can already imagine enjoying the gentle light out on our patio with friends.

3. Eclectic jewelry stands

DIY cheese grater jewelry stand - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably DIY jewelry stand from picture frame - 5 Creative Upcycling Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably on Prosperity Candle Blog

The options are truly endless when it comes to repurposing items in your house, and this is one of our favorites! If you have an old or dull kitchen grater, just clean it, paint it in your favorite eco-friendly color, and place it on your bedroom dresser to hang your studs, dangling earrings, and necklaces. This jewelry stand is surprisingly   practical with different size holes on each side. It's almost as if those cheese grater makers knew you'd be looking for somewhere to hang your jewelry.

Don't have an old cheese grater? You can also create a fun DIY earring stand out of a broken picture frame. Simply paint the frame edges, twist four or five wires loosely together, and fasten your wire bundles across the picture frame with a staple gun. Your dangling earrings and studs are now beautifully on display and resting safely until their next outing.

4. Unique t-shirt produce bags 

DIY T-shirt produce bag - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably  DIY Denim Coffee Cup Holder - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably

As much as we wish our favorite dresses and T-shirts could last forever, that's just not the case. Depending on how adventurous you're feeling, you can turn an old pair of denim jeans into a cozy coffee cup holder or fun wallet with a little sewing and stitching. Old T-shirts and sweaters can be also be beautifully repurposed into reusable produce bags which you can take to the grocery store or farmers' market. We love how these clever  DIY t-shirt produce bags help reduce plastic waste and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle that benefits the environment. 

5. Upcycled can planters

Liberte Pot Candle - 5 Creative Upcycling DIY Ideas to Style your Home Sustainably

With summer on the way, now is the perfect time to turn your empty cans and candle vessels into creative planters for flowers or herbs. Instead of buying plastic seed containers, turn the metal cans you used for beans or vegetables into fun planters. If you have any ceramic or glass candles, these also make wonderful DIY planters. Our Liberte Pot Candle is actually designed to be enjoyed as a flower pot once the wax is gone - it even comes with wildflower seed paper!

You don't need to break the bank to style your home sustainably... plus these ideas and more help you create a distinctive home that's all you.

We're always on the lookout for more creative DIY projects that give back to the environment. Share your favorite upcycling projects with us in the comments below!

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