Celebrate World Fair Trade Day this Saturday

What Is World Fair Trade Day? Tips for How to Celebrate

We have a big weekend, ahead! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th, and World Fair Trade Day is on Saturday, May 13th. World Fair Trade Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the fair trade community to move away from “business as usual” to create more just and equitable ways of trading internationally. This means better pay for producers, less environmental damage, more transparency, engagement of marginalized communities, and long-term trading relationships that help empower instead of exploit.

So how will you celebrate World Fair Trade Day this Saturday? Take a look at the Fair Trade Federation website for events happening and ideas for something to do in your community. Also consider taking a look at this World Fair Trade Day website for more information.

One simple way you can celebrate World Fair Trade Day is to buy from brands or products that are fair trade certified. If you’re shopping for Mom for Mother's Day or taking her out for coffee or tea, consider celebrating World Fair Trade Day at the same time with fair trade coffee, tea or chocolate! And if you know someone looking for that special gift for Mom or a way to do good, encourage them to look into fair trade products as well. 

Our work was founded on the principles of fair trade and we believe that in every product lies the opportunity to help make the world a better place. While we have opted for B Corp certification because of our mission and where we work in the world, we still follow the same fair trade practices we always have and seek to purchase from fair trade shops. We’re proud to be partnering with a number of leading fair trade organizations to create collaborative fair trade gift baskets. Take a look at our fair trade gift sets with leaders like Divine Chocolate and Tara Projects

Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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In every product lies the opportunity to help make the world a better place. 


Our handmade candles and ethically sourced gifts support women artisans in the U.S. and refugee families around the world.
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