6 More Meaningful Charitable Gift Ideas to Honor Mom & Empower Women

So you bought Mom a candle gift set (or maybe a gift card) and now you’re looking for other ways to show her you care by empowering other Moms. Maybe you’re looking for an e-card or physical card to round out your gifts, or maybe Mom is the type of Mom who already has too much stuff and would rather give a donation in her name to support another woman in need.

There are so many great ways to support Moms around the world while honoring and celebrating your own Mom this Mother’s Day, so we decided to share some of our favorite charitable Mother’s Day gift ideas with you this week:

Women for Women International

Of course, we first thought we’d highlight our partner’s, Women for Women International, Mother’s Day e-cards that support women’s empowerment. As Emily Deschanel notes here, a card for your Mom can change the life of a woman survivor of war who is rebuilding her life. Prosperity Candle partners with Women for Women in Iraq to offer women a candle making business opportunity.

Every Mother Counts

Christy Turlington’s Every Mother Counts campaign works to educate all of us about the dangers that many women face as they become mothers. Not all women safely can become mothers, due to the risks they face during childbirth. Here, Christy Turlington’s team encourages mothers to become silent on Mother’s Day in solidarity with mothers to be who loose their lives. The campaign is called No Mother’s Day. A powerful reminder of what the world would be like without moms.

Oxfam America

Our friends at Oxfam have a fantastic range of gifts that give back available for Mother’s Day. Your donation can give a woman a garden, school supplies, midwife training or more. Imagine how good Mom will feel knowing that her gift changed another woman’s life! A e-card can be sent straight to your Mom letting her know that a donation was made in her name.

Partners In Health

You can save a Mom’s life this Mother’s Day by donating to Partners In Health, an international organization that offers health care to poor women (and men) all around the world. You can feel good knowing that you’ve helped a new Mom have a safe and healthy experience starting her family. Donate now in your Moms name and she’ll be sent a note!


Like the IRC, we at Prosperity Candle cares deeply about women refugees. Have you purchased a candle made by the Burmese refugees we work with and now want to support an organization that helps provide them with refuge in the aftermath of trauma? We love the IRC’s work and encourage you to think about buying Mom a charitable gift that helps a refugee woman receive maternal health care, access business training, or care for a flock of chickens or a goat that will help her invest in her future. Mom will be sent a note letting her know about her unique gift!


CARE works hard to ensure the rights of women and girls around the world. For Mother’s Day this year, you can make a donation in your Mom’s name and send her a beautiful, inspiring e-card. CARE ensures that mothers have access to the care they need, clean water, and nutritional food to ensure the safety and health of her family. As CARE says, “Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday.” Don’t you agree?

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