Beyond the Hour: How are you Celebrating Earth Hour?


Almost everyone has heard of Earth Day, but have you heard of Earth Hour?

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2008, where 2.2 million people and 2,100 businesses voluntarily shut off power in order to raise awareness and take a stand against climate change. Since then the number of participating cities has grown exponentially. In 2012 more than 6,950 cities across 152 countries participated in Earth Hour.

But how can turning off your lights for an hour actually benefit our planet? I’ll admit that I was wondering the same thing until I watched Earth Hour’s co-founder Andy Ridley’s Ted Talk, where he told his audience that Earth Hour strives for social change with the use of symbolism. Symbolism is the key that will target and inspire people to become change makers.

This year Earth Hour has gone blue. This just means that they are turning Earth Hour into a global platform to support other social and environmental projects. We all know that there is power in numbers, this digital platform will help bring together campaigns from communities around the world and generate the funds needed to make a difference.

This year, Spider-Man has become Earth Hour’s first superhero ambassador. “Be a Superhero and Save the Planet” well ok, maybe that’s a little cheesy, but give me a second to explain before you roll your eyes. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was one of the most eco-friendly movies ever created by Columbia Pictures, which is pretty cool! The entire production was carbon neutral. Each actor has pledged to support one project and are encouraging fans to get involved.

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How to Celebrate
“Get Off the Internet”

says the intern sitting behind her laptop. Instead of reading blog posts, try picking up a book or a magazine for an hour and read by candle light. Plus, sometimes it’s a refreshing to get away from technology for a little bit. Checking your email every five minutes or refreshing your facebook newsfeed, isn’t the best use of your time anyway.


Have a Lights Out Party

invite your friends over to play some board games, or maybe even have a little wine & cheese gathering.

Discover Earth Hour Events Near You 

many cities and towns participate in Earth Hour by holding a community candle lighting. Find out if your town is holding an event, or even find out how to organize your own.

Need more ideas? Check out Huffingtonpost’s article about what to do during the hour of darkness.

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